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The Park History

The Orchards Park was started by Jane Wells' mother, Nora Beckett, as she was later to become. She answered an advert in the Sleaford Standard placed by a Mr Elliott, who was stationed at RAF Cranwell. When RAF personnel were stationed at different bases, they moved their caravans. The first planning permission and site licence was for “20 moveable dwellings”.

The first article about The Orchards was in “Mobile Home” (later to become the Park Home and Holiday Caravan magazine) in July – August 1972. At that time the park had a club with bar and a meeting room. (where plots 38, 38A and 39 now stand.)

Nora and Sam Beckett

Owner Mrs Greetham (tallest standing) with happy residents outside the clubroom.
Nora Beckett (Centre) and residents July 1972
The park before plots 57 to 65 were developed. (1970 to 1972), and no bungalow. There is a caravan sited on where today there is the water feature and butterfly bar. The long wooden building was garages which were removed in September 1993, and is now car parking.

 The Orchards Park in 1972

It was “Goodbye” to the overhead cables when the electricity infrastructure was renewed in 1999, with new transformer, street lights and a 63 amp supply to each home. Natural gas, new water and BT ducting was laid in 2003/2004.These services have been adopted, so everyone is an individual customer of the supplier.

Nora always believed that larger plots led to better neighbours. We continue with this ethos even though the size of homes has increased there is garage and/or parking on plots. Some of the plots are the largest in the country.

We have a varied range of Park Homes, different models, designs and ages, but most importantly, The Orchards is where people live and they really can call The Orchards home.


First Responders
The residents of The Orchards Park have raised 13,000 for LIVES First Responders since Spring 2000.

David Bellamy Conservation Awards
We first entered the awards in 2000, and were delighted to receive a Gold. In 2014, we were awarded a 15 year Gold certificate for our Enduring Commitment to Conservation. None of this would have been possible without the continued commitment from all who have lived and worked on the park. We are proud to have been awarded the Gold Award for the last 18 years.

Jane and Alec Wells
Jane and Alec Wells with Sir David Bellamy




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