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November 2017 The Orchards Park has won another year of the David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award, making 18 consecutive years.

The Park is independently visited and assessed each year to establish whether it is to be awarded Gold. It is the consistent efforts of everyone on the park that helps achieve the award through gardens, comments and pictures.

David Bellamy’s commented

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the hard work you have put in to make your park a real haven for wildlife and to go the extra mile to ensure that it is sustainable and a good neighbour to the local community.

I am delighted that your residents thoroughly enjoyed making bird boxes and I look forward to hearing how successful they are! Of all the wonderful projects you’ve put in place, I am particularly impressed by your wildflower banks; they sound amazing.

Let me finish by saying “congratulations” once again on your achievement”
July 2017 The Orchards Park is within North Kesteven District Council area, and it has retained its title as the safest place to live in England and Wales for a fourth year running.

Figures for the 12 months up to last April show that as a proportion of population size, there were fewer crimes committed in the area than anywhere else in the country
February 2017 The Residents have been very busy making a total of 24 bird nesting boxes ready for a variety of birds who will hopefully make them their home this Spring. Everyone said they enjoyed making the nesting boxes and these were available to anyone who wanted one for their garden. Spare boxes have been distributed around the adjoining meadow. A group photo was taken of the box builders and this in turn had been featured, with a write-up in the Park Homes Magazine for March.

LIVES (Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service)
The votes have been cast and the majority of replies favoured the further 1000, raised for LIVES, being spent on training for six more First Responders who are local to the Ruskington area. An afternoon tea party is scheduled for March to introduce the new responders. A senior member of LIVES will also give us a talk on “What happens after an emergency call is made?”


We have raised a further 1000 for LIVES (Lincolnshire Intergrated Voluntary Emergency Services) with the ongoing support and help of the residents. This brings the total donated by the park and residents to 13,000.
We are currently asking residents to choose what the 1000 goes to
• LIVES Ruskington new Responders Training
• LIVES medic “covert blue lights” fitted to a car
• Training to provide advanced care by Senior Medics


The Orchards park has won another year of David Bellamy conservation award with the help and enthusiasm of the residents and is the only Residential Park in the UK to achieve 17 consecutive years.
Comments from the assessor this year included
• “a really lovely park”
• “a green and pleasant place to live”
• “the gardens around the homes are very well established & colourful”

February 2016 Tree and Bulb planting

We have planted another 50 trees in the meadow to continue to add to the variety and interest. We have also re-planted the main entrance, removing the old conifers and planting over 20 berried, variegated hollies, nearly 1000 daffodils and laying turf.

October 2015
David Bellamy Conservation Awards - Another Gold Award
A really big “Thank you” for everyone on the Orchards Park as we achieved an unrivalled 16th consecutive Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award, comments from the assessor include
• “the Residents gardens are all well managed and full of flowers and attract a lot of wildlife”
• “the overall impression is of an attractive well tendered residential park with mature gardens and completely litter free”
• “I cannot fault the existing management and therefore, only have one additional recommendation for the site “Well done Indeed”

June 2015 Willow
In the meadow around a south facing seat, we have created a living Willow sculpture. We intend in the years to come to continue to develop it.

May 2015 New Cards for Lives
One of our talented residents has been inspired by the meadow and has painted a selection of meadow flowers which we have used on cards and had printed. All proceeds from the sale of the cards goes to LIVES.

March 2015 Dexter Arrives
We held an afternoon tea party for LIVES (Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services), which included a 45th Birthday cake, complete with their logo.
LIVES is our nominated charity and Ellie, the Ruskington paramedic gave a talk on her duties and equipment. Our 1200 donation from the Residents purchased the mascot (Dexter) which will help in collecting further donations. The remainder of the money was used to purchase equipment needed in the Ruskington area. Many of the Residents also had their photo taken with the 7foot tall Dexter.

The park has now donated over 12,000 to LIVES. LIVES medically train locally based volunteers who aim to be with patients within 5-6 minutes of a 999 call.

December 2014 Our new park rules (PDF document) have now been completed after consultation with the residents, and are now with North Kesteven District Council and on their website.

November 2014 As part of a way to develop the meadow and increase the florastic diversity in the woodland area we decided to plant 1000 blue bells with the help of residents.

October 2014 David Bellamy Conservation Awards – 15 years
We thank everyone for their help to achieve our 15th year of consecutive Gold’s with David Bellamy. We have now received our formal report and some of the comments included
- “the residents gardens are all well managed and full of flowers and attract a lot of wildlife”
- “the overall impression is of an attractive well tendered residential park with mature gardens and completely litter free”

July 2014 One of our residents has had a mother duck making use of their shed roof as a nesting ground. The ducklings needed a good bit of encouragement by mum to make the big jump out of the nest! But all are doing fine and finding the various ponds on the park for their swimming lessons.

April 2014 In the meadow we have sown a large area of seeds with native annuals in our national colours of Red, White and Blue as a mark of respect for the centenary of the start of WW1. We have put a seat nearby to enable us to sit and reflect on the influences this has had on our families over the years.


We have again been awarded a David Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation.

We are the only residential park to have gained the award for 14 consecutive years. Residents comments, cards and pictures played an important role in gaining our award and it is through the consistent efforts of everyone on the park that we earn the award.

Extract From David Bellamy Letter

“I am writing to congratulate you and your team on your fantastic gold award. You should be very proud of the work you have done to help Britain’s wildlife – which, as you know, needs all the help it can get at the moment.
Having read through your assessment, I’d just like to say that I am particularly impressed by the effectiveness of your butterfly garden and by the fact that your owners’ gardens are well looked after and attract a lot of wildlife. Give them all a cheer from me.”

November 2013 Age UK coffee morning

We organised a special briefing with Age UK Kesteven for the Residents of the park on the support services which are available to them in south Lincolnshire.
The well attended briefing was delivered by support experts Teresa Stevens and Nicky McNulty outlined ways in which the charity assists older folk including services such as help in the home, advice on staying fit and healthy, meeting new friends.
June 2013 We held a successful Open Weekend receiving positive comments on the parks location, setting and layout.
November 2012   The residents of The Orchards Park, Ruskington, pictured with Jane and Alec Wells (owners of the park), having raised 1,250 for Ruskington LIVES. Members of Ruskington LIVES First Responders joined the residents at a coffee morning bringing the new training aids.
As First Responders become more qualified, they are able to attend call outs that involve children and babies. The money has purchased a junior resuscitation mannequin, Charlie, as well as two baby resuscitation mannequins, Freddy and Fredericka. These training aids will be beneficial in training the different techniques used in treating children and babies. It is reassuring to know that there will be more LIVES First Responders able to attend incidents where children and babies are involved. Any remaining money went towards new uniforms for the group.

The residents and owners of The Orchards Park have raised over 11,000 since April 2000 for LIVES.
There are now two LIVES First Responder groups in Ruskington. All the money raised in an area goes to the local group. Some of the LIVES volunteers are looking towards a career in medical professions.

If there are sufficient First Responders to man the rota, a 999 call will also activate the local First Responder volunteer. They arrive in a very short space of time with a defibrillator, oxygen as well as other equipment. It is reassuring to have them in attendance, knowing that, if necessary, they will use the equipment to help to keep the patient alive until the ambulance and paramedics arrive.

Sometimes it is difficult for them to find the property. PLEASE HAVE YOUR HOUSE NUMBER CLEARLY VISIBLE FROM THE ROAD. If at night, please put all lights on to attract attention. EVERY SECOND COUNTS in saving a life.

If you are interested in volunteering for any LIVES First Responders group, please contact LIVES HQ telephone 01507 525999

  Jane and Alec Wells, owners of The Orchards Park, Ruskington,  centre, with Ruskington LIVES First Responders, from left to right, John Harman, Sian Williams, Ellie Burton (Coordinator), Kim Dutton and Rachel Baumber. Jane and Alec Wells, owners of The Orchards Park, Ruskington, centre, with Ruskington LIVES First Responders, from left to right, John Harman, Sian Williams, Ellie Burton (Coordinator), Kim Dutton and Rachel Baumber.

 November 2012    DAVID BELLAMY 13TH GOLD AWARD Thank you to everyone who completed cards. We are one of only two residential parks to have gained the award for 13 years. They play an important role in gaining our award, and the photographs showed how everyone cares. Gaining our 13th Gold award shows that it is the consistent efforts of everyone that earns the award. Buzzards have been seen catching rabbits in the meadow, and then dining in gardens! Due to the wet weather we were let down by the local farmer cutting the hay.

Bob and Mack walk round the meadow most days. He has kindly agreed to write a quarterly newsletter. We hope that you are encouraged to walk and experience the sights and sounds of the visitors in the meadow.
  “On my regular daily walks round the country park, winter can be seen to be slowly overtaking autumn. The leaves on the trees are almost gone and the bird song is almost non-existent.

The field fare have arrived back on the park from their summer sites across the North Sea, they will spend the winter feeding here until they return there in the late spring. They are very noisy with their “cha-cha-chack” call as they fly away.
Our regular green woodpeckers often greet me with their laughing calls as I disturb them on my walk around the park with Mack. Whilst quite a rare bird in a lot of areas, we are very lucky to have 3 or 4 green woodpeckers that live on the park and feed on the ants and larvae.

The quietness of the park is also broken by the chatter and squabbling of large families of long tailed tits, which I believe gather together in the winter and huddle together for warmth.

The buzzards have really settled in our area and are hunting quite low whilst being harassed by rooks, crows and even seagulls attacking them. With the onset of spring the rabbit population grew, however the young rabbits will fall prey to the buzzards and keep down the rabbit population naturally. It is wonderful to see the buzzards soar up into the sky on a thermal, giving out its shrill, mewing cry of “pee-oo”


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Ruskington is situated in the area covered by North Kesteven District Council.

It is reassuring that the quality of life that we enjoy and have come to expect, has been recognised in a recent survey by the Halifax Bank relating to the quality of life throughout the country.

The bank has listed district areas on a number of criteria relating to quality of life. North Kesteven District Council is ranked 36 out of the top 50 and is the only area of Lincolnshire included. It is the most northerly of only four districts away from the south or east of England.

The report is based chiefly on the quality of the housing market, health, jobs, crime and education.

North Kesteven performed well due to the low incidence of burglary (the 8th lowest of the 50 areas), ease of traffic movement, housing size, quality and cost, low population density (only Rutland having a lower figure), good employment rate, small primary school class size, and high academic achievements at GCSE.

As our brochure says- ”Discover for yourself the hidden qualities of Lincolnshire and enjoy a slower pace of life.

October 2011 David Bellamy Awards 2011
The Orchards Park is proud to announce that we have been awarded Gold in the David Bellamy Conservation Awards for the twelfth consecutive year.
Granted only to parks which have demonstrated a sound commitment to the natural world, the David Bellamy Conservation Awards are described by Professor Bellamy as the ‘Green Olympics’ - and only go to parks which help protect and enhance the natural environment.
Professor Bellamy commented: “Parks like this are creating wildlife wonderlands, and its time they were given well-deserved recognition for their environmental commitment.”
June 2011 Two of our talented residents are raising money for LIVES (Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services). Dorothy has designed and painted  a card that shows the birds that visit her garden, and Jean's poem below:

Trees and Shrubs a plenty, flowers by the score, Butterflies and bumblebees, who could ask for more?
Bird song in the morning, through until it's dark,
Just some of the many pleasures,

All proceeds go to LIVES First Responders. Since the year 2000, the Residents of The Orchards have raised 10,000.

Autumn 2010 Review of The Orchards Park in the September edition of Park Home & Holiday Caravan magazine.
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