What is a Park Home?

A park home is detached, modern bungalow, set within a private estate. All new homes are built to comply with British Standard BS 3632, which specifies building materials, insulation, double glazing. The homes are built for all year round living with private spaces for outside living, many of our residents are keen gardeners.

Does the Park have rules?

Yes, there are rules. They been set and designed with the Residents of the park so we can all enjoy living on Orchards Park. A copy of the park rules will be given to you prior to the purchase of your home and form part of the licence agreement.

Can I stay permanently on your park?

Yes. In fact, it is a requirement that you do so. The Orchards has the benefit of full permanent residential planning permission and a residential site licence issued by the North Kesteven District Council our Local Authority. This means that the occupier (that is the person or persons named on the Written Statement) must live in the park home as their main or only residence.

What utilities are available on the park?

All new homes are connected to electricity, water, natural gas, sewage & telephone. Electricity is provided by the Park at competitive rates, and payable quarterly, with individual meters at each home, all other services are provided direct from your choice of provider.

Are pets allowed on The Orchards Park?

Many of our residents enjoy the loving companionship of a cat or enjoy walking their dog on the park’s private meadow. Only 1 pet is allowed, and needs to be well behaved, friendly and not cause a nuisance to other residents. Dogs must be on a lead.

Can I make alterations to my park home?

Yes, you can make alterations to your park home, however, there are limitations about the type and extent of the work you would be permitted to carry out. Before planning to carry out any alterations you should check that the works comply with the planning permission for the site, the conditions of the site licence, the park rules and both fire and health & safety regulations with the park owner.

Can I carry out any works on the pitch?

You must obtain our permission in writing before carrying out any works to the pitch. Our permission will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

Can park homes be re-sold?

Yes. Park homes are sold on the open market, although they must be sold to someone over the age of 50 to ensure that the park stays a retirement/semi-retirement park, and within the park rules.

Do I have to pay commission to the park owner if I sell my park home?

Yes. The payment of commission on the sale of a park home recognizes the park owner’s investment and interest in the land and park infrastructure. The current maximum commission rate is fixed at 10% by law. When a home is sold, the purchaser acquires the park home itself (which they then own outright) together with the right to station it on the park owner’s land granted upon assignment of the Written Statement.

Do I need a Solicitor or Surveyor to buy a park home?

There is no legal necessity to appoint a Solicitor or Surveyor when buying a park home. However, we recommend that you do appoint a Solicitor to handle the purchase of a new or pre-owned park home. Please be aware that we do not personally recommend any particular company and would advise obtaining written details and quotes for any services required. We also recommend that you employ a specialist park home surveyor when buying a home.

What documentation should I receive when I buy (pre-owned)?

If you are buying a used park home, you will take over the existing Written Statement (see above) from the outgoing occupier. This will need to be formally transferred to you. The seller will also need to complete the following forms: Buyers’ Information Form; Notice of Proposed Sale Form; Assignment Form; Notice of Assignment Form.

Other documents you should receive include, park rules including matters such as whether pets are allowed and communal parking arrangements, home manufacturers owners handbook for your home, with items such as how the home should be maintained. And, if the home is new you should receive information about how to apply for the Gold Shield Warranty Certificate.

If you have another question now answered here please don’t hesitate to get in touch.