Ruskington is situated in the area covered by North Kesteven District Council.

It is reassuring that the quality of life that we enjoy and have come to expect, has been recognised in a recent survey by the Halifax Bank relating to the quality of life throughout the country.
The bank has listed district areas on a number of criteria relating to quality of life. North Kesteven District Council is ranked 36 out of the top 50 and is the only area of Lincolnshire included. It is the most northerly of only four districts away from the south or east of England.
The report is based chiefly on the quality of the housing market, health, jobs, crime and education.
North Kesteven performed well due to the low incidence of burglary (the 8th lowest of the 50 areas), ease of traffic movement, housing size, quality and cost, low population density (only Rutland having a lower figure), good employment rate, small primary school class size, and high academic achievements at GCSE.
As our brochure says- ”Discover for yourself the hidden qualities of Lincolnshire and enjoy a slower pace of life.”